Maxim – Week 3

Hive helps you to automate your online presence and keep your social media marketing & management activities in a more convenient way. To get a better image of a current state of thing going on within the platform radius in the market, I have made a decision to explore the market a bit more and find out if there are any similar platforms and are they competitors to this digital business. It also worth attention if Hive is still evolving and what may it bring on stage in case of improving its services because it is in the lack of it.

Firstly we need to remember that is almost free to use platform except one service of promotion that is similar to the “promote your post” function on Facebook.

I’ve found another social media managing platform – 99quidsocial on

From the start, it looks quite different in function and especially design is different but if keep analyzing it further its getting clear that it has pretty similar functionality, but it is more evolved and serves for a wider society as it is dedicated to business social media presence in total.

It serves to save your time as it supposed to be. It helps to target right followers base that is interested in your business. It is involved in posting interesting content for you. Shortly, it works as your own in-house employee without a contract, and it works for any industry type enterprise. You can also get a 2-week free trial that I’m going to take just to analyze and make my opinion on it.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t access my profile right away but I have received a call form their agency based in London, and their agent explained that I will have to fill in the form with the description of my company and logo, and they will launch me to their services. The form has been sent to my email.

Another platform that I have chosen is

Midasmedia is another online service that manage all the main social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Shocking news to me was that they start from £745 a month for their social media management package that is incredibly expensive. Nat also said they mostly work with SME. In one of the provided materials they have statement – “ the client approached Midas Media to bring their marketing strategy up to speed. In addition, to sure up confident in online activity and ensure they would experience many more years of success in their market.” They also guarantee you a 1250% of your initial investment. I’ve got in touch with their Content Manager – Nat, and he provided me with his email ( in case if I would be willing to ask more about tailoring a package for me.

All platforms were presented on the first page of Google list, which served as a good representation of the company level on the market. Firstly I have chosen those platforms, which were promoted and appeared in the first 3 choices. Then I searched a bit deeper and tried other combinations of words in searching field. All of them are helping to customize your online presence and angage with your fans or followers if you prefer.

The main purpose in our business is to engage people and encourage them to appear at the next event, music concert and follow, purchase your creative music production.

Cons of other presented platforms are that they do not manage music activities dedicated platforms. In my way of thinking it doesn’t worth a penny to spend on this services until you know nothing about digital marketing and social media management. In such, I believe that every modern music artist or group should be aware of current tendencies on the digital market not to pay huge amount of money to these services.

There also exists many blogs such as

Which may introduce you to various tactics for your productive online presence & promotion if you are not aware of yet. In regards to companies specializing such narrowly in music artists online presence I could not find any explicit competitors.


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